The book 


“Don’t do that!”

The rabbit stopped what he was doing and looked up into the face of an elderly vine.

“But I was told to come here for breakfast.”

The vine fixed him sternly.

“As you are a very young rabbit, I’ll forgive you. But you should know that if you eat our leaves, and 

especially our babies’ leaves, it makes life very difficult. “

He paused, then added quietly, “Some of us have not survived the experience.”

The rabbit, who had by then decided that the vine was no danger to him, pulled at some grass and began 

to chew.

“So what’s it like then?” he asked.

 “What’s what like? “

 “What’s it like, being stuck in the ground, with nowhere to go? “

Quite normal, the old vine thought.  Vines never move around. He looked down at the rabbit and 


© Krishna lester 2012