For twenty years I ran a vineyard in the Loire Valley in France. We had a lot of visitors who came to buy wine all of whom showed interest in the cellars but rarely in the vines themselves. As the vineyard was all around this struck me as being rather sad, Wine comes from grapes and grapes are produced by vines so the end result in the bottle is a direct reflection of many different elements:  history, geography, climate, and how the vines are managed by the 'vignerons' to name but a few.  In France this is known as  'terroir.'  There is no direct translation into any other language that I know of.

So that is how and why this little book came about with a view to describing the life of the vine to younger and older people alike. 

KL 2012

                                                               Where this book began:


                                                  Château de Chaintre, Loire Valley, France.


© Krishna lester 2012